I honk therefore I am

Last month I put my hand up to do a stint of Public Speaking. It was a 12 minute prepared speech fashioned along the lines of a TED Talks event. It surprised me that I put myself forward, but on reflection I realise that I've had a long held fascination with Public Speaking.

In Grade 1, I spontaneously put up my hand to do a "Show and Tell" morning talk. I was super excited - our family had just returned from a trip to Mt. Isa, and I thought I had some interesting stories to share. Alas, when I walked to the front of the classroom and saw the sea of expectant faces staring at me, I froze. I stood there paralysed, trying to find the words, one word, any word...

After what seemed like an eternity, my very kind teacher, Mrs Johnson suggested I might like to sit down and perhaps speak again on another day. Well I never felt the desire to proffer myself again, but there were a number of occasions in the ensuing years, where it was no longer a voluntary exercise, but a compulsory activity.

I learnt from that experience the importance of preparation, and that with preparation, one could deliver a half-decent talk. On the occasions, where I've had to speak, I came to understand that Public Speaking really starts with the writing, which is an activity I've always savoured.

So last month, I found myself actually enjoying the challenge of delivering an engaging speech, sharing my story and experiences on "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable." Afterwards I found myself feeling incredibly liberated and ready to tackle more of my phobias.

The next day I saw an ad for a free acting course with the Sydney Theatre Company for Asian Australians - "no prior acting experience necessary". To my surprise, I observed myself thinking "Yes I'm ready to try that!"

Now I should say here that "Acting" is one of those things like "Singing" that have been on my bucket list of things to avoid. My parents enrolled me in Speech and Drama classes as a kid to get me to come out of my shell... it never worked and I abhorred those classes with a passion.

So I was gob-smacked to watch myself completing the application form and hitting the Submit button. I don't know yet whether I'll be accepted for this course, but the Universe has an uncanny way of delivering.

A week later I heard a local Community theatre group were looking for an Asian Australian to fill a role in an upcoming play. Forty-eight hours later, this little goose has signed up for the part. So.... the start of another adventure. I get the feeling this is one of those pivotal steps which will lead to a new level of learning and more unfurling.

Sufficed to say, I'm slightly terrified, but not nearly as much as I thought I would be! If I don't bail out beforehand, the play titled "Australia Day" will open for a short season at Redlands Museum on Australia Day!



Meanwhile on the music front - I'm playing a few gigs with Chris in our G'day China duo format:

Saturday October 29th - 7:30pm
G'day China - supporting Andrew Dickson & Stacey Hoy
Retro Bar, Kenmore  $15  

Sunday October 30 - 1:30-3:30pm
Ann solo - Sounds Original - 6 songwriters showcasing original music
Indigiscapes, Capalaba Free Entry

Monday October 31 - 9am-10am
G'day China -
State Library of Qld, South Brisbane - Free

Saturday November 12 - 10am-4pm
State Library 10 Year Anniversary & BrisStyle Markets
Market stalls, quality handmade gifts/ art, food stalls, displays, library tours. 
G'day China performing at 2:15pm
State Library of Qld - Free

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