From the recording When Crows Call Night


When Crows Call Night –  ©  Ann Leung 
Would you sit with me in the fading light?When shadows grow long, and the crows call night.When my mind is shrouded in candy floss dreams,limbs weary from where they’ve been.
 I will sit by you in the dying light.Warm your hand when the crows call night.I will listen over to stories you tellAnd repeat backwards, time, you knew well.
 In the whispering breeze, we age stillWill you sing for me?I will sing for you.
 We will walk through smiling fields,shelter under weeping leaves.‘n in the whispering breeze, we age stillWe will sing when the crows call night.
 Between wrinkled folds, will you bathe my skin?Rub my feet in lanolin?I will dress your chest in muslin foldBrush your hair when the day is old