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Thank you all the beautiful folk who were there for the Live Launch of the new album.
It was wonderful to have some friendly supporters in the audience.
Thank you for for being so receptive and for laughing in just the right spots.

Such a delight to play with the honking "wildgoose orchestra", my friends from Diddly Squat, and
Michael Fix who joined us for one exquisite rendition of "Will I Remember".
and heck yeah - I will long remember it!


 One of the biggest thrills was seeing the introductory video projected up on the wall behind the stage. 

After spending many hours giggling to myself whilst putting this video together,
it was a hoot to finally unleash and share it.

Here's the video teaser for the album which includes the intro we played at the live launch, 
and features additional exclusive candid "behind the scenes" footage from the recording studio. 
Look out for the shower cubicle which doubles as a vocal recording booth!!!


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Thank you for your support throughout the year
Happy festive season to you all.

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