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Recording the Winterbreak Choir

It's been a glorious couple of months working with producer Michael Fix on the debut cd. One of the highlights.. recording the Winterbreak Choir at Mt Tamborine. Checkout this short video of "behind the scenes" action from up the mountain.

We now have final mixes ready for mastering, and I'm about to get out the paintbrush and play with images for the album art.

The album name has also evolved - "dreams of a wildgoose"
My name in Chinese means "wildgoose" - I've always felt like more of a "goose" than an "Ann"!

 Thank you to all the guest musicians who've dropped in to add their touch -

  • Sarah Calderwood - flute, whistle, angelic vocals
  • Suzanne Hibbs - getting creative on percussion
  • Mirko Ruckels - who plays piano with such sensitivity
  • Rebecca Wright - searingly beautiful cello
  • Angela Toohey - who sang just 2 lines of backing vocals -but Oh they made a huge difference. 
  • Chris Hall - backing vocals, and my sounding board

 and a Big Thank You to the Winterbreakers who sang with such gusto! 

Winterbreak is an annual music retreat held in a beautiful mountain envrionment at Mt. Tamborine Queensland, and has been pivotal to my musical journey.  I attended my first Winterbreak in 2011 and "found a voice", as well as a wonderful supportive community.... So, it was very special to record the Winterbreakers adding a bit of "oomph"  to two tracks -  "Mahatma" and "Mia's Song". 
Checkout this short video of "behind the scenes" action from up the mountain.

There'll be details soon of where to get your hands on a copy. 
Meanwhile, planning is underway for a CD Launch.
Have I ever put on a show before? No, but that hasn't stopped me dreaming of a multimedia sound and light experience, rich with images, smoke machines, bbq pork buns, and yeah ok, maybe we'll have to play a few songs from the CD!



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