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Mahatma - New Single



New single & video - "Mahatma" released today! I'm really excited to be sending this one out to the world.

Organic tribal rhythms, Psycehdelic sitars, tabla drums... an uplifitng tribute to the life and spirit of Mahatma Ghandi.

For over a year, I've had a Ghandi quote hanging on the back of the toilet door: "Everything you do will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it". For months I've been contemplating the meaning of this, and not quite understanding how it applied.

I guess the little bald guy has been hanging around in my subconscious & out popped "Mahatma", and I reckon now I understand the meaning of those words a little more.

This song and video feels "insignificant" in the world scale but "important" all the same for it's message of peace.

Take a gander at the video - it's my first foray dabbling with animation and has been a ton of fun to produce. Hope you get a smile out of it!   Watch Mahatma Video 

Download Mahatma mp3 


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