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Semi-Finalist UK Songwriting Contest!




















I have friends who'd say music is not about competition, and I'd agree. However, there's some burning desire for feedback on how the broader musical industry might guage these songs, and I keep entering! I guess external affirmation is always nice.
That ol' chestnut "Stanley" & "Will I Remember" received a Semi-finalist placing in the UK Songwriting Contest 2015 and "Mahatma" an Honorable Mention! Happy goose.

a gaggle of real musos


I never imagined that making music could be part of my life experience, particularly since I've had a long held aversion (since kindy) to singing & performing. After accidentally writing my first song 5 years ago, I found myself so wrapped up in the joy of creating something new, that learning to sing and perform became a natural and necessary part of the journey.

Here's the video footage of the debut album launch concert ....i's not a flawless performance by any means, but certainly a milestone for this lil goose playing with a gaggle of real musicians, and being responsible for putting together a whole show.

On reflection, I realise the value is as much about the journey of unfurling, as it is the actual collection of songs. 
Don't we all do our best work when we follow what truly fires and grows us?

Thank you to the wonderful audience, Michael Bourne (Folk Rag), the "wildgoose orchestra" and special guests Michael Fix & Diddly Squat Band





Thank you all the beautiful folk who were there for the Live Launch of the new album.
It was wonderful to have some friendly supporters in the audience. 
Thank you for for being so receptive and for laughing in just the right spots.

Such a delight to play with the honking "wildgoose orchestra", my friends from Diddly Squat, and
Michael Fix who joined us for one exquisite rendition of "Will I Remember".
and heck yeah - I will long remember it!


 One of the biggest thrills was seeing the introductory video projected up on the wall behind the stage. 

After spending many hours giggling to myself whilst putting this video together,
it was a hoot to finally unleash and share it.

the higher the hair the closer to god


It's not quite Dolly Parton, but ain't all the joy in the trying?
only a few more sleeps until Launch - November 21!
and it's feeling more "spesh" by the minute.
Rumour has it that the uber talented Micheal Fix will join us for a song!
see ya there! 

Cor Blimey, it's happening!


We have a launch date!
it's gonna be a beautiful night.


For one honkin' special night, we'll be unleashing the goose -LIVE at the Folk Rag Concert.
Ann will be joined by special guests:
Mirko Ruckels (piano), Sarah Calderwood (flute), Rebecca Wright (cello), 
Pat Foss (bass, Connie Di Dato (percussion, Chris Hall (vocals) 
& rumour has it that Diddly Squat Band might make an appearance.

What they're saying - dreams of a wildgoose reviews


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"what a pleasure it was to work on your record. Michael has excelled at capturing your songs, and the songs and 'vibe' are superb. The tracks are sounding beautiful. It is a special record." - Dave Neil (Mastering Engineer)

"Ann came to me as a novice, and I very quickly realised that hers is a unique talent, waiting to blossom. The process of gently coaxing the haunting, (sometimes fragile) songs out of her, was a rewarding experience for me as a record producer. I believe Ann has something very special, creating music of rare and delicate beauty." - Michael Fix (Producer)

"stunning new album by Ann Leung. Utterly beautiful.... breathtaking." - Nadia Sunde

 "Sublime, moving, grounding, ethereal, beautiful....This album at once speaks of a humble & gentle soul who is the composer. The music sounds simultaneously grounded , unpretentious & yet heavenly. The songs thread together creating a concept album whose theme reflects a beautiful calm." - Sadie Gwynn Jones

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"It's been my constant companion in the car for the last few days and I never tire of listening to this epic but peaceful music. I find myself uplifted and transported away from my stress and worries. There is such a spirituality, thoughtfulness and feeling of space to this music ….. life is far too busy but ahhh…. it’s so nice to reflect and contemplate. Simply divine musicianship and arrangements from the guest musicians as well. Five honking stars from me …." - Juju Minto

"...a gorgeous, ethereal and entrancing album!! Wonderful songs from Ann have been brought to life by the extraordinary recording, playing & production talents of the magical Michael Fix.... . There are also a host of other talented musicians & performers. This is a fantastic album - lovely collection of original songs, brought to life in an exquisitely beautiful way, sung superbly by Ann!! Sheer musical heaven. Go & buy a copy before it sells out" - Ian Dearden

"it moves me, draws me in and hugs me, takes me on a journey. Just brilliant... " - Leanne Phillips

"Ann Leung has created a wonderfully sincere and honest album. To take the concepts of peace, joy and hopefulness and present them as understandable songs you can relate to easily is a gift. Musically Ann has explored a myriad of sounds yet they blend harmoniously and create a soothing beautiful backdrop to her central message of harmony and love. This album can add joy to your life." - David Penman

"Right from the very first track of honking wild geese in flight, you are transported to a magical space filled with top quality lyrics, stories, musicianship and melodies, with the beautifully soft, lilting vocals of Ann and her friends. There are so many layers to these thought provoking tracks. Fabulous musicianship from all those involved, with many of my favourite Brisbane artists contributing to the gorgeous melodies with stylish precision, harmonies and instrumentation. What a joy it has been to listen to this uplifting music and to share in Ann's journey. The CD cover and inserts are beautifully put together with photographs by the very talented Chris Hall. I will be listening to these tracks over and over. So serene. So inspirational. It transports you to a state of bliss where troubles melt away and you feel in touch with your own personal Angels. This CD has my highest recommendation. Make sure you get your own today." - Kara-Mia

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612 ABC Album of the Week


Woohoo lugging the transistor around this week!
"dreams of a wildgoose" is Steve Austin's "Album of the Week" on 612 ABC Brisbane radio. A li'l bit of goose on the airwaves every day this week just before 11am AEST.  Listen Live on 612

The goose is unleashed!


PSSSSST - Look what arrived!!!!

I never dreamed that "making music" could be part of my life experience, so it's a thrill to see half a dozen cardboard boxes full of potential vibrations that I had a hand in creating.

Spread the joy folks & Thank you for sharing the journey.

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"dreams of a wildgoose" coming soon


"dreams of a wildgoose" CD has gone to press!!!
If you're itching to get your hands on a copy, join the mailing list at right to be the first in the know.

In the last couple of weeks, Dave Neil has been mastering the album, adding sparkle and final oomph, and we've been busy on album artwork. We found a glorious yellow wall at a local Buddhist temple - perfect backdrop for a photoshoot with my favourite orange cloth.

What's the story of the orange cloth? I've always loved "orange" and a few years ago, a friend who knew my love for orange, handed me an old orange tablecloth. I immediately felt very connected to this piece of cloth. I love looking at it, touching it and wrapping it around me...yes an unhealthy love affair!

Anyhow, had a wonderful day unfurling it in the sunshine. We've got some glorious shots of it "doing it's thang" and I'm a happy goose!

So proud of this album & grateful to all who have been involved in it's making....looking and sounding splendid!
Stay tuned for where you can get your hands on a copy soon. 

Recording the Winterbreak Choir


It's been a glorious couple of months working with producer Michael Fix on the debut cd. One of the highlights.. recording the Winterbreak Choir at Mt Tamborine. Checkout this short video of "behind the scenes" action from up the mountain.

We now have final mixes ready for mastering, and I'm about to get out the paintbrush and play with images for the album art.

The album name has also evolved - "dreams of a wildgoose"
My name in Chinese means "wildgoose" - I've always felt like more of a "goose" than an "Ann"!

 Thank you to all the guest musicians who've dropped in to add their touch -

  • Sarah Calderwood - flute, whistle, angelic vocals
  • Suzanne Hibbs - getting creative on percussion
  • Mirko Ruckels - who plays piano with such sensitivity
  • Rebecca Wright - searingly beautiful cello
  • Angela Toohey - who sang just 2 lines of backing vocals -but Oh they made a huge difference. 
  • Chris Hall - backing vocals, and my sounding board

 and a Big Thank You to the Winterbreakers who sang with such gusto! 

Winterbreak is an annual music retreat held in a beautiful mountain envrionment at Mt. Tamborine Queensland, and has been pivotal to my musical journey.  I attended my first Winterbreak in 2011 and "found a voice", as well as a wonderful supportive community.... So, it was very special to record the Winterbreakers adding a bit of "oomph"  to two tracks -  "Mahatma" and "Mia's Song". 
Checkout this short video of "behind the scenes" action from up the mountain.

There'll be details soon of where to get your hands on a copy. 
Meanwhile, planning is underway for a CD Launch.
Have I ever put on a show before? No, but that hasn't stopped me dreaming of a multimedia sound and light experience, rich with images, smoke machines, bbq pork buns, and yeah ok, maybe we'll have to play a few songs from the CD!



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