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Gimme The Gun

The thing about acting is that you get to be characters who are so removed from your everyday life.

Lately I've been parading around as a slightly neurotic cop in MATES Theatre Genesis's production of Neil Simon's comedy "The Odd Couple- Female Version" - directed by Debie Spearitt. 

Last week, after the show, an elderly gentleman murmured in my ear "You can be my sergeant any day."
I waved my truncheon playfully at him. "Oh no, don't use that thing on me!" he exclaimed.
"Handcuffs?" I asked
"Handcuffs would be fine," he said.

ahem, and I always thought uniforms were to pull chicks! 

It's been a privilege to be working with such a terrific cast and crew

Final shows are this Friday 16th & Saturday 17th June - 7:45pm at Birkdale Hall, Birkdale, Redlands.

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(photos courtesy of MATES Theatre Genesis - Greg Pope)




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