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"dreams of a wildgoose" coming soon

"dreams of a wildgoose" CD has gone to press!!!
If you're itching to get your hands on a copy, join the mailing list at right to be the first in the know.

In the last couple of weeks, Dave Neil has been mastering the album, adding sparkle and final oomph, and we've been busy on album artwork. We found a glorious yellow wall at a local Buddhist temple - perfect backdrop for a photoshoot with my favourite orange cloth.

What's the story of the orange cloth? I've always loved "orange" and a few years ago, a friend who knew my love for orange, handed me an old orange tablecloth. I immediately felt very connected to this piece of cloth. I love looking at it, touching it and wrapping it around me...yes an unhealthy love affair!

Anyhow, had a wonderful day unfurling it in the sunshine. We've got some glorious shots of it "doing it's thang" and I'm a happy goose!

So proud of this album & grateful to all who have been involved in it's making....looking and sounding splendid!
Stay tuned for where you can get your hands on a copy soon. 

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