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Cor Blimey, it's happening!

We have a launch date!
it's gonna be a beautiful night.


For one honkin' special night, we'll be unleashing the goose -LIVE at the Folk Rag Concert.
Ann will be joined by special guests:
Mirko Ruckels (piano), Sarah Calderwood (flute), Rebecca Wright (cello),
Pat Foss (bass, Connie Di Dato (percussion, Chris Hall (vocals) 
& rumour has it that Diddly Squat Band might make an appearance.

 Also on the bill - John Kane & The Swing Beans

Hope you can join us!
Check the Facebook Event Page


Folk Rag Concert Program

7:30pm John Kane 

8:15pm The Swing Beans

8:50pm Interval

9:10pm Ann Leung & Guests

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