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G'day China Duo



Intimate, mellow and soothing

G'day China are an acoustic duo creating rich, evocative soundscapes.

Warm interpretations of classics & emotive original songs, delivered with a beautiful blend of harmonies and delicate fingerstyle guitar.

"We love making music together and filling a space with beautiful sounds. There's something deeply fulfilling about sending ripples of ‍‍‍beau‍‍‍tiful energy out into the world."

Chris Hall - Vocals and bass guitar;    Ann Leung - vocals & guitar


Available for functions, Entertainment for Healthcare Facilities, and special events.

What others say:

"They were amazing - gave many of us goosebumps." (Donna - Lifetsyle Co-ordinator, Estia Health)

"As the lifestyle coordinator for St Vincent’s Health Care Services Bardon I give G’day China full credit for entertaining our resident’s to the highest of standards and cannot recommend the duo highly enough."  (Judith - Lifestyle Co-ordinator, St Vincents)

 "rich and dark like the best quality chocolate" (Julie)

"a delightful soothing beautiful blending of voices and gorgeous playing" (Michael)

G'day China derive their name from the cockney slang term for "g'day mate"


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Facebook: G'dayChinaMusic      


  Sampler Video:



"Tears in Heaven"- Eric Clapton Cover


When Crows Call Night - written by Ann Leung, performed by G'day China




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  • November 4, 2019
    State Library of Qld, Brisbane, Qld