Ann Leung

Ann Leung

Singer - Songwriter search of beautiful


My Chinese name雁, pronounced “ngaan” in Cantonese, means “wildgoose”, and I’ve always felt more of a “goose” than an “Ann”.

My first memorable experience of music was as a five year old, laying under my doona, listening to my mother playing "Moonlight Sonata" on an old upright walnut piano. It was the most beautiful thing I'd heard, and I never tired for how it fulfilled me.

To this day, I am..."in search of beautiful" - those special moments which make your body tingle and fill your heart with love, joy, compassion or wonderment.

I believe that anything is possible - and love creating.

I'm an architect, singer-songwriter and a volunteer community correspondent for ABC local radio.You'll find me performing solo, in duo format  G'day China (with Chris Hall) and with Diddly Squat Band

What others say:

"I believe Ann has something very special, creating music of rare and delicate beauty." - Michael Fix

"Sublime, moving, grounding, ethereal, beautiful" - Sadie

"Sincere & honest" - David  

"the best CD I've listened to in the longest time" - Pog

Ann's Story:

Considered “mute’ at childhood, Ann has overcome a lifelong aversion to singing, to find her voice some 45 years later. 

Born in Malaysia of Chinese parents, Ann Leung landed in Australia when she was three. Overwhelmed by a new country full of “strange fair skinned kids”, Ann transformed overnight to a shy recluse and stopped speaking (except to family members).  In kindergarten surrounded by strange kids singing unfamiliar songs, she developed a deep aversion to singing.

After learning classical guitar at school, her guitar gathered dust for over thirty years, before in 2009, she joined friends “for fun” to form Diddly Squat Band.
"Twelve months after playing regularly with the band, I accidentally wrote my first song. A few weeks later came another, and another,” she said. 

The joy of discovering a new creative outlet for self expression, meant learning to sing became a necessary, if somewhat confronting progression. The journey has taken her on a rollercoaster of experiences including performing live on national TV with Diddly Squat Band as part of ABC Exhumed Band Competition.  Recently she recorded a debut album,"dreams of a wildgoose", produced by award winning musician, Michael Fix.

Ann's emotive style married with Michael's sensitive production, has delivered an uncommonly intimate and warm album which others have described as “gorgeous, ethereal and entrancing" & ”sheer musical heaven."

The album was featured on 612 ABC Radio as “Album of the Week”. 

Preview Album Here


Discography: (solo work)

  • "dreams of a wildgoose" - August 2015 - Debut solo album
  • "Mahatma" October 2014 - Single Release
  • "Jevolo" February 2014 - Single Release (co-written with Michael Fix, featuring vocals by Nadia Sunde)
  • “Sky Meets Land” – August 2012 - Single Release
  • “Mia’s Song” – August 2012 - Single Release  


  • November 2016: "Top 30 - Spiritual Category" - Aust Songwriters' Association Songwriting Competition - "Mahatma"
  • November 2016: "Top 30 - Ballad Category" - Aust Songwriters' Association Songwriting Competition - "Stanley"
  • March 2016: "Best Studio PR Photo" - Qld Music Design Awards for "dreams of a wildgoose" Album cover by Chris Hall
  • February 2016: "Runner Up" - Song of The Year Songwriting Competition - "The Angels Came"
  • December 2015: "SemiFinalist" - UK Songwriting Contest: "Stanley" & "Will I Remember"; "Commended" - "Mahatma" 
  • March 2015: "SemiFinalist” – Song of the Year Songwriting Competition - "Mahatma"
  • November- December 2013: Finalist in ABC Exhumed competition with band “Diddly Squat” including TV series culminating in live televised Grand Final performance
  • November 2013: “Top 30 -  Spiritual category” - Aust Songwriters’ Association Songwriting Competition – “Mia’s Song”
  • December 2012: UK Songwriting Contest: Semifinalist “Walk With Me” & “Sky Meets Land”, Commended Entry: “Mia’s Song”
  • December 2012: “Honorable Mention” - Song of the Year Songwriting Competition- “Mia’s Song” 
  • November 2012: “Top25- Spiritual category” - Aust Songwriters’ Association Songwriting Competition – “Walk With Me”
  • August 2012: “SemiFinalist” – Song of the Year Songwriting Competition - “I Fell Softly” 
  • May 2012: “Runner Up” – Song of the Year Songwriting Competition - “Walk With Me”